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welcome to spice store! 

Wise choice, we must say. And while we are at it; you like having a choice, don't you? We at Spice Store are committed to providing a wide range of quality food & groceries at reasonable prices. Now to answer the questions that we posed on the flyer:

Not getting value for money from your local grocer?

We hear you! In fact, Spice Store was conceived by the founders after facing innumerable challenges while order something as simple as groceries. We are aware of the struggle you have to go through every fortnight trying to call your local grocer only to be put on hold again. We are acutely aware of their shady practises of quoting one rate for an item and charging another (albeit, higher) entirely on your actual order. At Spice Store, everything is presented in a transparent manner; from product pricing to product size, you have the complete visibility on what you're paying for.

Paying pretty penny to the big supermarkets in your area?

Yes, you are. The supermarkets around your area can charge exuberant prices for staples. Spice Store now gives you freedom from the clutches of supermarket duopoly. We source our products down to the manufacturer level so that we can pass on the savings to you! And why are you carrying those heavy items home anyway? Save time, money and effort; let us deliver it to your door!

Calling grocers to place order like it's 1999?

A lot has changed since the year 1999, barring your local grocery store. How many times have you called your grocer only to find that the line is busy? What about their customer service? Did they have what you were looking for? Is their store open round the clock? With us, you don't need to worry about any of that. All the products that you need are available round the clock at our website. You can now order any time, be it day or night, with only a few clicks. And our legendary telephone, email, whatsapp and social media hotlines are always there to assist you whenever you need!

Tired of hauling heavy grocery items home?

We know! And it is horrible that you are made to haul those heavy items back home. Not to mention, the pushing and shoving on public transport, the longer commute times and missing out on important things in your life, all because you have to carry the items home. Did we mention the transportation & fuel costs for your trip to the grocery store? So let us ask, who are you carrying this load for? Save time, effort and money. Let us deliver it to your doorstep!

It is time to change for the better. What better way to help you do that than to offer a coupon code? Copy and paste the coupon below in your shopping cart to instantly redeem HKD25 off your order total. 


See you soon!

The fine print: Limited time offer. For new customers only. Offer valid for first order only. Cannot be used with other offers. Excludes shipping costs, if any. Spice Store reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time without prior notice.